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Want to access your child’s health information? – Login to our Patient Portal.

Download the forms that you need, complete them and drop it off at our location or fax it to (770) 732-8242.

Need an appointment, but you are unable to make it to the office. Learn about our TeleVist service, you can see your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home or workplace. 

Your provider works with our office staff, schools, pharmacies, and specialists to make sure everything is coordinated in regards to your child's health care. Some of the many benefits include:

  • During our regular business hours, we will see your child the same day if you have an urgent medical necessity.

  • Call the office to schedule an appointment on the same day. Many health care needs such as ear pain, cold and fever can be treated by our office, and an unnecessary trip to the emergency room can be avoided.

  • After our regular business hours, if you have an urgent medical necessity you may call our office and follow the given instructions to reach our on call provider.

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